We are Nevera, a newly established charter sensation that will take you on an adventure through Kvarner.

Meet the Captain

Davor Baričević (86) is a young but experienced crew member and also the owner of the Nevera agency. As a result of years of experience working on a ship, his passion for fishing has grown into an exciting combination for a memorable adventure he wants to share with you. The main goal and mission are to offer you the finest of the Adriatic Sea and Novi Vinodolski. You are invited to join him on a fishing road trip and to learn how to catch fish.

Ever since meeting the sea for the first time, each and every available moment was spent on his small boat fishing. After working in river navigation for 16 years along the river Rhine, something convinced him to make a significant change in his career. Therefore, he started doing something he really enjoyed and loved. He knew what he liked, and it was not that difficult to make a decision to connect love and passion with work. That is how this idea came to be.

At the crossroads, I asked myself, “How can I change my career in another direction, but still do what I truly love and am ?”. Then I figured it out. I will put it all together.”

So far, we are the only agency (here) specializing in fishing trips, but we also offer boats for rent. It is our goal to make this road trip unforgettable and to pass on some of the love and passion that lives inside of us.

Please find out more about our fishing trips or available boats and book your spot today. We promise you won’t regret it.

About us

Are you looking for a boating or fishing adventure?

Welcome to Nevera, a boat rental and fishing adventure agency located in Novi Vinodolski, Croatia. It is our goal from the very beginning to offer you the highest quality service and the most pleasant experience so you can enjoy your vacation with less worry. This will make you want to come back again, and that is exactly what we want.

Additionally, we provide a number of services including boat rental (speed boats), fishing trips (the big game such as tuna and other fish) throughout the year, half or full-day excursions with meals and drinks by arrangement, private tours, panoramic rides, as well as accommodating other requests by our guests based on their plans, agendas, or ideas. The offer of boats is available in the section BOAT RENTAL.

As we work together on your vacation, our goal is to carry out your ideas in order to create pleasant memories. We hope to create a positive experience you will cherish forever. Please contact us to find more information and book your spot.

Taking you on an adventure through Kvarner. There is never a dull moment with Nevera, a new charter sensation.
About us
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