We’ve got you covered here at Nevera. Explore the most beautiful destinations around, and discover the wonders of Kvarner. Whether you’re looking for some quiet time or a trip to the beach, we want to highlight some of the most interesting places around us. This will ensure you won’t miss them. What should you see around Krk and Crikvenica? Discover the stunning beaches of Kvarner and explore the deserted islands. We know them all. Come and join us.

Novi Vinodolski

The tourist town of Novi Vinodolski is located in the central part of the Croatian northern coast…

Novi Vinodolski is one of the most attractive nautical destinations on the Adriatic, with crystal clear waters, a large offer of accommodation, and a big capacity for boat moorings. Located in the northern part of Croatia, the town is a popular tourist destination.

Although a relatively small coastal town, it is rich in history and cultural heritage, as well as numerous beaches and small picturesque places near the city. Novi Vinodolski is an essential tourist destination in Kvarner, along with Opatija, Rijeka, and Crikvenica.

The island of Prvić

The biggest uninhabited island in the Adriatic sea would be Prvić, also 30th on the list of all Croatian islands.

The area spreads over 12,76 square kilometers and is located to the southeast of the Krk, separated by the Senj Gate. The island is rich with wildlife, and at least 17 endemic species of plants can be found on the island.

Many local beekeepers keep their apiaries here, or they are used by grazing shepherds. The Griffon vulture nests here, a protected species of bird. All that makes this island special and all that qualifies it as a special botanical and ornithological reserve. Island is also known for its many sandy beaches that stretch along the western coast of the island.The town of Baška is only 3 km away, as are Goli Otok, Sveti Grgur, and the town of Goli Otok.

The island of Sveti Grgur

Sveti Grgur is an uninhabited island located between the famous Croatian islands Rab and Krk.

The largest forest island in Kvarner, covering an area of 6,7 square kilometers. Is also known as the “most forested” island in the region. This small island is situated 1km from Rab (Lopar beach), 3km from Goli Otok, and 4km from Prvić, which makes it a convenient stop between Rab and the rest of the Croatian islands to enjoy as many sights as possible.

Most recently, the island has been rented out as a deer hunting lodge, while from 1948 to 1988 it served as a women’s prison in the former Yugoslavia. Small and secluded beaches keep this island attractive for visitors who want to enjoy privacy and solitude. Boat docks are accessible, such as a restaurant that serves hungry sailors and visitors. If you’re lucky, you will encounter the deer, and see them face to face.

The island of Goli Otok

Goli Otok is another island in Kvarner that has no inhabitants.

Located 5 km from the island of Rab, and 6 km from the mainland.

Mostly famous and known as the “Croatian Alcatraz” due to its history, position, and high level of security. As a result, the territory was used as a prison from 1948 to 1988. Goli otok literally means “the naked island”, because it is exposed to winds and storms, especially in the winter, and no vegetation thrives there.

Today, many tourists and fishermen visit the island due to the historical heritage of the remains of the prison and bays rich in fish. During summertime, it can be visited by the tourist “train” running through the remains of the buildings of the former camp.

Also, buy souvenirs, refresh yourself in a bar or simply enjoy nature and the sea.

The island of Krk

Previously, the island of Krk was considered Croatia’s largest island, but that changed recently, and now the island of Cres is in contention.

Scientists believe that strong waves and storms are making some parts of the island vanish, so they predict that it will shrink in the future. Nevertheless, all the rest of what this amazing island has to offer makes it a top Croatian destination in Croatia.

Connected to the mainland by a free bridge, the local airport, and plenty of attractions, all separated from the crowdedness, give this island a special and interesting personality. Rich flora and fauna, local specialties, picturesque beaches, near other islands, and of course plenty of sunny days and clear sea, will not leave you disappointed. Krk is one destination you should not miss on your vacation. There is no doubt as to whether you should book a boat tour or tour because of the boats’ easy approach, easy exploration, and easy enjoyment.

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